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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Guest Post: The Movie Travel Guide

This is a guest post by Rob Toledo

Some of us travel to sight see, some to shop, some to eat, some to relax, and some to see where our favorite movies were filmed.  Well, maybe only a few select film buffs actually travel for the sole purpose of seeing a movie's filming location, but if you've ever mimicked Rocky's climb up the steps at the Philadelphia Art Museum, you know how fun it can be to check out a movie's filming location.

If you find yourself traveling and need another attraction to add to your sightseeing list, use this map of IMDB's top 250 movie's filming locations, created by the fine folks at Travel currency exchange to see if there are any famous location near you—you might be surprised (who knew Batman Begins was filmed all around Iceland?)!

The map is interactive and you can search by location or movie. And yes, while many of the top movies were partly filmed in LA, there are loads of filming locations all around the world. If you're in London, you can see 14 locations where The Dark Knight was filmed.  If you're in Madrid, you can see where The Bourne Ultimatum was filmed. You may not use this as your sole travel guide, but it might come in handy if you have time to kill in a new city.
  (via Travelex Currency Exchange).

Rob Toledo is a Seattleite who stereotypically loves rain and coffee. With aspirations to step foot on every continent (yes, even Antarctica), he loves nothing more than adventuring abroad. He can be reached on Twitter @stentontoledo

Editor's note: Check out what Flavorwire did: IMDB’s Top 250 Films Mashed Up in Under 3 Minutes, which is a perfect complement to Rob's post above.  Now don't you feel like watching a movie?


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